Glorious days for the JavaScript language! It's everywhere!

October 29, 2014

Tags: #meteorjs #espruino #javascript #javaland

Already last weekend, a new JavaScript hardware project startet. Yes, you read it correctly: JavaScript on hardware, exactly, on the bare metal of a microcontroller. The Espruino project startet a new product on Kickstarter, named "Espruino Pico", which is JavaScript on an USB stick. Crazy! Fancy! Cool! In only three days it passed the needed amount, so it will become reality. And there are still a lot of days to go till end. Let's see what we can achieve. Become a backer, too!

Yesterday, the incredible, reactive full-stack JavaScript platform Meteor was released in version 1.0. Finally! We waited long enough, but the result is worth it! Have yourself a look into Meteor and create right from the start your first reactive web or mobile app! And if you want to have a training on meteor, don't hesitate to contact me or register at GFU!

Also yesterday my talk proposal for next years JavaLand conference was accepted! Awesome! And, of course, I'm talking about JavaScript on the JVM with Avatar. What else!? The JVM makes JavaScript scale in the right way and offers many possibilities you can't achieve in the browser or with plain Node.js.

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