JavaScript for Java Developers training at JavaLand 2015

December 16, 2014

Tags: #training #javascript #javaland #java

At the next issue of JavaLand - the Java Community Conference - I'll give a whole training day with the topic JavaScript for Java Developers. If you ever wondered, what these two languages have in common, and what they don't have in common at all - this is a must attend for you:

JavaScript and Java are very similar in their names and their syntax - but that's it. Period! There are still many Java developers who think that JavaScript is only a subset of Java and/or only an unsecure toy language for web browsers, and thus they don't have to deal with the language itself. But that's wrong! However, JavaScript behaves completely different than Java, and many Java dev's write JavaScript programms without the necessary understanding of this programming language.
In the days of single-page (web) applications ("SPA", like Angular, Ember, Backbone, etc.) and Node.js (evented I/O on the server side), every Java (web) developer (YOU!) should deal with the characteristics of JavaScript. And because you have an existing and reusable programming knowledge, you are able to learn the most important things you need to know about JavaScript in just one day in a very compact style. You will learn all the different things, but when it makes sense, we'll compare some concepts with ones from the Java world.

(The training will be held in German!)

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