Serverless Microservices at W-Jax 2016

November 10, 2016

Tags: #serverless #aws #lambda #apigateway #cloud #jaxcon

Yesterday I gave my second talk at this years W-JAX conference about Serverless Microservices with AWS Lambda and API Gateway. I was positively surprised to have that many attendees, I didn’t expect that. But this tells me that there is big interest in modern Cloud topics, and that’s good to know!

This talk was also recorded, as already my Keycloak SSO talk was, but it isn’t published yet. I’ll post the video as soon it’s available. Additionally I hope to give a Workshop or a kind of a Hands-on Lab at the next JAX conference. Keep your fingers crossed!

If you have any furthermore questions, just get in contact and ask. I’ll be happy to answer! The slides of my talk are here:

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