My Cloud predictions for 2019

January 6, 2019

Tags: #serverless #cloud #future

The year is still very young, only a few days old. Time to do some predictions for Cloud usage and evolution for the upcoming months. Please note, that these are my very personal views and you are fully responsible for yourself in using this information for your needs - or not.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) will still grow in features and will still be innovation leader. It‘s one of the most customer-oriented vendors I know.
  • Microsoft Azure is the only competitor in terms of functionality. They have interesting products and features. But market coverage is not as good as it could be.
  • People will be surprised about Alibaba, once it starts to roll out their business in a big way all over the world. Still they are watching the market in detail, but when they‘re here, even AWS has to do some …homework.
  • For the rest of the Cloud vendors: There has always been and ther will always be a place for niche-products… good luck!
  • Serverless will be the future, it will gain adoption and production usage. Unfortunately slow, too slow, because
  • People and Companies (esp. large enterprises) will continue wasting money in trying to run Kubernetes clusters and thinking one cluster is a private cloud. It isn‘t. It‘s just another application server. They simply don’t understand Serverless. They need an instance under control. These people always acted like that. And they will continue to do so. Despite anyone else is saying. Unless it‘s a big research company, billing a lot of money for nothing. As I said: wasting money and closing their eyes for evolution and innovation.
  • Vendor-lock was, is and will be overrated. Anything you’ll do is a kind of lock.
  • Serverless will be the future (I may repeat myself, but…)

Let‘s see in the end of the year, in which points I was right.

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