Keycloak 17 is out - Quarkus is now the default way to go!

February 14, 2022

Tags: #keycloak #oidc #authentication #quarkus

Keycloak Version 17 has just been released. The default Keycloak distribution is now Quarkus based, so make sure to find your migration path accordingly and in-time! From the Keycloak Blog Post:

Quarkus distribution is now fully supported

The default Keycloak distribution is now based on Quarkus. The new distribution is faster, leaner, and a lot easier to configure!

We appreciate migrating from the WildFly distribution is not going to be straightforward for everyone, since how you start and configure Keycloak has radically changed. With that in mind we will continue to support the WildFly distribution until June 2022.

The Wildfly distribution is now called Keycloak Legacy!

I’m planning to do several videos about the new Keycloak configuration and deployment options in future, hopefully soon. So, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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