KEYCLOAK Home IdP Discovery

June 23, 2023

Tags: #keycloak #oidc #authentication #idp #discovery #video

Having configured multiple Identity Providers in Keycloak is a great thing. But perhaps, you want Keycloak to choose the proper IdP when the users just enter their email addresses or their usernames.

I talked to Sven-Torben Janus from Conciso GmbH, who developed a Keycloak extension which is doing exactly this.

You’ll see in this video what is possible and what you can do with this extension. Watch the video for all the information!

Discover the proper home identity provider or realm by email domain.

GitHub Repository of Home IdP Discovery Project:
sventorben/keycloak-home-idp-discovery - GitHub

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Example sourcecodes (even if they are not used in this video) are available on my GitHub repository:
dasniko/keycloak-extensions-demo - GitHub

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