KEYCLOAK Restrict Client Authentication and Authorization

August 15, 2023

Tags: #keycloak #oidc #authentication #authorization #video

Have you ever wondered on how to restrict certain users from authenticating to some client applications? In a generic way? I talked to Sven-Torben Janus from Conciso GmbH who developed an apropriate Keycloak extension. He will show us how to achieve this in Keycloak.

📣 Make sure to watch the video until the end, as there is also an important security advice when using this extension!

A Keycloak authenticator to restrict authorization on clients.

GitHub Repository of Restrict-Client-Auth Project:
sventorben/keycloak-restrict-client-auth - GitHub

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Example sourcecodes (even if they are not used in this video) are available on my GitHub repository:
dasniko/keycloak-extensions-demo - GitHub

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