Keycloak Discourse Community Forum Revived

October 17, 2023

Tags: #keycloak #discourse #forum #community

I’m delighted to see the Keycloak Discourse Community Forum has been revived again. And, more to that, I was also officially nominated as a moderator of this forum. 🎓

So, if you have any questions to Keycloak and related, which you want to discuss with the community, I’m happy to welcome you on the Discourse forum! Let’s grow the Keycloak community to a really big one! 💪

Remember that I don’t know every answer to every question. Don’t contact/mention me directly, ask your questions to the broader community! 🙏 If I’m able and willing to help, I will respond. If I don’t respond, most probably I don’t know the answer, I don’t have time, or something else!

NOTE: I’m just a moderator at this forum, I don’t run the forum, neither I’m the owner/admin!

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